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Join Our World of Enticing Digital Content

Join Our World of Enticing Digital Content

Let Us Talk Exceptionality…You

The most important element that you contribute to the “contract” agreement between you and your client is exceptionality. You are like no one in the universe. You come to the virtual table with a one of a kind tool…the ability to deliver content writing of which you own the expertise.

As unique as your fingerprint the elements you bring to your writings are matchless. Do your words convey this? Do the graphics and visual compilations pronounce this?


To continue your trek in the universe as a successful serial entrepreneur the importance of media and content should already be part of your comfort zone. Redirected those important streams of revenue …they are waiting.

Use content to channel a river of wealth to your business through absurdly wonderful articles. It is so simple. The words will convey what you can do and how you will do it. Answer the question “What can you do for me”, with eloquent simplicity. Better yet, create a video that will demonstrate what you do in visual compilations.

Content is King

Fast moving and precision-targeted messages coupled with graphics rule the universe. There are patrons that want you to bring them happiness. You own a commerce that will make that happen. Convey that skill with words that compel, shout, and scream how green their business “gardens” will grow. Only with your product or service, will you reconfigure the needs of future clientele. While making existing ones cling to your every word.

Imagine being all things to all people

Imagine in your business that you have become all things to all people. That would be amazing, but not part of any reality that we know. Yet that is exactly the desire most clients have when they create proposals for the perfect digital writer. In today’s global commerce community, businesses compose long wish lists of employee tasks. Here is where you learn how not to throw away an excellent opportunity to earn a new client base, while becoming exceptional. Here is where owning a limited expertise can become irresistible. Welcome to BCSolutions’ world of enticing Digital Content. One of the most important components of building reliable businesses is in becoming nimble.

Do not lose valuable time or money turning down promising contracts just because you may lack time, skill set or marketing content component.

Take for example. A very good customer has a new project that requires a content subject skill you do not have. Loosing this client’s business or their trust is not an option. Presenting a less than stellar proposal ruins future opportunities. There is no time to attend your local training camp, and that can be very costly. Rather envision the idea of expert collaboration. Before you move forward in this thought, first evaluate your professional strengths and weaknesses. Strengths are your specialty and your specialty will become your brand. For now that brand needs additional skills you lack. Let this moment lead as a catalyst for definitive change in the way you conduct business. Building digital content that brings this moment to reality is what BCSolutions does.
Staying nimble creates important outcomes when considering content maker collaborations.
  • It creates needful time off to tend to family concerns or to meet deadlines.
  • A successful blog or website requires strong updated and relevant content.
  • It is important to stay mindful that constant communication to all project stakeholders is important.
No business or partnership can succeed without trust and the inherent comfortable sense of reliability.
As content makers BCSolutions will help in achieving that.

Use BCSolutions digital content to brand your one of a kind style and product.


“I have known Barbara (BC Associates) to be a highly motivated individual having a high degree of work ethics. Her productivity has been at the highest level. Barbara is a personable individual who has the gift to work well with people.

I truly believe that Barbara would be a valued asset to any organization”


~ Amos Ayala, Oracle Purchasing Specialist, AT&T Wireless ~

Vice President, Advancement & Communications, Lakeside Association managed Barbara indirectly at Lakeside association

“During my tenure at Lakeside, Barbara did an extraordinary job of managing the housekeeping staff, and the daily cleaning schedules and staffs for two hotels, three dorms and additional meeting spaces within this Chautauqua institution. She was instrumental in getting teams of teenagers and seniors to work together successfully while accomplishing a myriad of daily tasks. Barbara did an audit of the primary properties and their maintenance needs, and worked diligently with the maintenance staff to accomplish repairs and improvements with precious few resources. One of my favorite experiences was seeing the volunteer team in action that Barb put together to accomplish key improvements and cleaning tasks that couldn’t get done without increasing the paid staff. Her fresh ideas, innovations and laser focus led to many improvements to these century-old buildings that were badly needed, and she did so with an exceptional level of caring and integrity. I have seen Barb’s analytical skills in play as well as the magnitude of her visions for a job, a team, and an organization. We worked together in the Marketing Department of the National Association of REALTORS, and I quickly learned that she is a big thinker and an impressive doer. She is a master at database innovation, management and analysis. She has a grace about her that is unique and positively influential. She has hidden energy and impact that surpasses most, if not all of Lakeside’s youngest employees. She’s the real McCoy.” February 7, 2010

Suzanne Drake Carle, Suite Spot

Suzanne Drake Carle, Suite Spot
Research Specialist IV McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine at UPMC

Barbara was always focused on the task at hand. In either the academic arena or real world, her sharp insight gave her a problem solving savvy few of us possessed. In discussions, Barbara had a unique approach that poked at everyone to get involved, bringing their own ideas to the table, resulting in a lively discussion.

March 17, 2010, Grant studied with Barbara “Bobann” at Chicago City Colleges

Grant Peters

Grant Peters

During the twelve years I’ve known Barbara, she has always proven herself to be motivated and passionate with any project she takes on. Her ‘can-do’ attitude and refusal to be defeated by any obstacles has served her and her clients well on many occasions.

July 10, 2011, Arlene was with another company when working with Barbara “Bobann” at BC Associates

Arlene McGregor Freelance Writer at DitchWitch Publications

Arlene McGregor Freelance Writer at DitchWitch Publications
Director at Karvy Global Services

Barbara has great anlytical skills and can narrow down the solution to a problem. Great writing ability and has amazing sense focusing services around the client and client needs. Fast thinker has successfully handle projects and people. Excellent people skills and mature understanding of different cultures.

February 2, 2010, Uday worked directly with Barbara “Bobann” at BC Solutions

Uday Raval

Uday Raval

On-Air Host, KOST Radio (business partner) Mid Day On-Air Host at K-Wave 107.9; Morning On-Air Host at K-Wave Las Vegas 98.1 (remote); VO Professional

“Barbara Cerda is a strategic thinker in matters of business. She is focused with a clear vision of the goal.”February 27, 2013 

Mid Day On-Air Host at K-Wave 107.9; Morning On-Air Host at K-Wave Las Vegas 98.1 (remote); VO Professional

Barbara Cerda is a strategic thinker in matters of business. She is focused with a clear vision of the goal.

February 27, 2013, Cathi was with another company when working with Barbara “Bobann” at AMRO Services Company


Cathi Parrish

Cathi Parrish

Insightful and concise; Barbara has been a valued contributor to our projects for many years. Her innate capacity to see the big picture through the weeds of data and articulate the message is a value to any organization. We look forward to future collaborations with Barbara.

Carl Branco

Carl Branco
Account Manager Travel/Events Industry

Working with Barbara over the years has made me grow accustomed and appreciative of her honesty and writing talents. Not only has she always exhibited an active interest in my business needs but her inputs on projects have always resulted necessary. While often wading through subject minutia, she calmly respects opinions when edits are required. Her dependability in quality is a valued contributor and I plan to again benefit from her talent in my future endeavours.

Pina Di Pietro

Pina Di Pietro

About Me

Writer and Content Maker.

About Me

About Me

I enjoy the work of writing business stories. To me finding and developing content that relates perfectly to the service or product an individual offers is the most important reason for business writing. But first foundational knowledge must encompass formal and professional experiences.  A nimble business writer must become a SME for each digital content project.


My passage to becoming a business writer began over 16 years ago while fulfilling duties as operational technical support for AT&T Wireless. While attending AT&T School of Business Technologies in 1999 to 2001, I developed business “wordsmithing” skills. The appreciation of the importance of relating complicated subjects into enticing and easy reads became apparent. It is the most dependable way of building a reliable business.


My formal education in Chicago includes Biological Sciences and Economics at Chicago City Colleges and Northeastern IL University. I also included in 1989 to 1993, Bank Management and Trust Law, Economics and finance at The American Institute of Banking while employed at the First National Bank of Chicago in Investor Relations.  And in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as an Introducing Broker I learned the importance of finance. This work and academic culture offers me the ability to appreciate the individual importance of each digital content project.


My brand is business writing, editing and all the inherent nuances that color each industry. Becoming a different SME requires a constant researcher.  Intelligent branding requires embracing an understanding of the person and their business.

I look forward to being of service.

Barbara Cerda


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All Inquiries are welcome

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